Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Reason Why UPS Shipping Items Appearing in FedEx/More List

If UPS Shipping Items appear in the Shipping Method dropdown after FedEx/More is selected as the Shipping Carrier check to see if the Shipping Item is integrated with UPS.

1. Any Shipping Items not integrated with UPS/FedEx will appear in the More section. These shipping items will all appear in the FedEx/More Carrier dropdown.

2. All Flat rate Shipping Items will also be in the More section and will appear in the FedEx/More Carrier Dropdown.

3. Only UPS Shipping Items using UPS Real-Time Rates will appear in the UPS Carrier dropdown.
-Check this by navigating to Lists> Accounting> Shipping Items> View the Shipping Item>  In the Shipping Rate tab> check if UPS Real-Time Rate is selected.

4. To use the Shipping Items not using UPS Real-Time Rate the Shipping Carrier field needs to be set to FedEx/More.


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