Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Show the Sales of the Sales Rep per Month on Dashboard

1. Log in as Sales Administrator or any role that is based on Sales Center and has the permission to Publish Dashboards

2. Navigate to Home > Personalize Dashboard > Standard Content > Key Performance Indicators > Set Up

3. Click on the Add Standard KPI's button

4. Click on Sales then click on Done button

5. Set Range = this month

6. Set Employee = Only Mine

7. Set Compare = Checked

8. Set Compare Range = Last Month

9. Click Save

10. Click on Publish Dashboard

11. Provide a Name for the Dashboard

12. Set Role = *role of your Sales Reps (Sales Person if standard role is used)

13. Set Override existing user's settings = True

14. In the Apply To tabs, set the following:

Apply = Checked under Tab = Home

14. Click Save



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