Thursday, July 11, 2019

SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Store Displays 'Internal error' Message


Sometimes, after making changes to a SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Store, when going to the web store, an 'Internal Error' or 'There is been an internal error' error is being thrown on the web store.

One of the possible reasons for this error is a failed Search Index Update or Search Index Rebuild job. When an active Web Store item record is updated, NetSuite puts a search index UPDATE job into the Index job queue (Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site > Edit the web site > More Actions dropdown > View Index Status) so that the item records are indexed properly on the search server. A search index REBUILD job is triggered when any of the following changes are made to the NetSuite account:

1. Changing facets, search, and sort options (on the Search Index sub tab of the Web Site Setup page).
2. Adding or removing languages.
3. Adding or removing Subsidiary accounts.
4. Changing site currencies when the site has currency-based fields defined as facets or sort options (such as, price or cost).
5. Changing the preference, Include Out Of Stock Items in Web Store (on the Web Site Setup Page).
6. Deleting a SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Site deletes the index for the site.

When the search index rebuild or update jobs fail, and user goes to the web store to check the changes made, user will see an internal error.

A possible solution to this would be to submit a new index update or rebuild job. However, please take a note that a maximum of 2 index rebuild jobs are allowed within 24 hours.



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