Monday, July 8, 2019

The Tax Agency is not Available on the Tax Agency Dropdown

NetSuite enables you to import up-to-date sales tax codes for the statesin which you charge sales tax. To keep your state sales tax tables up-to-date,you must upload tax rates when updates become available.

User may refer to SuiteAnswers ID 8045: Importing the State Sales TaxTable for the steps to update the tax tables.

If users are unable to see or select the Tax Agency for the State, theyneed to check the following:

1.        Ensure that the Tax Agency is not Inactive

a.       Global search the Tax Agency; or

b.       Navigate to Lists>Relationships > Vendors

c.        Click on CustomizeView

d.       On the Available Filters tab, Add Category as filter

e.       Select Yeson Show in Footer and Click Save

f.        On the Vendors Page, filter to Category and selectTax agency.

g.       Ensure that the Tax Agency is not Inactive


2.        Ensure that Tax Agency is selected on the Category field of the Vendor Record.

a.       Navigate to Lists >Relationships > Vendors

b.       Edit the Vendor Record

c.        Select TaxAgency on the Category field.

d.       Click on Save.


3.        Ensure that Tax agency box is Checkedon the Vendor Category

a.       Navigate to Setup>Accounting Lists>Tax Agency

b.       Check the TaxAgency Box

c.        Click on Save

After performing the steps above, Clear Cache and you should able to seethe Tax Agency on the Tax Agency dropdown when updating tax Tables.

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