Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Transaction Search for Sales Orders with Items Without Class

  1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Search > All Saved Searches > New.
  2. Click on Transactions
  3. Under Criteria tab > Standard subtab, add the following:

        - Type: is Sales Order

        - Item Fields...: Class: any of None.

     4. On Results tab, there are pre-populated fields to show the sales order information. You may add/remove any fields you want to see the results differently.

   5. If you want to see the results with just the Sales Orders in each line (without line items displayed), you can set the following on Criteria > Standard subtab:

        - Main Line=True

  6. Changing the value to False/Remove Main Line field will show you the line items of the sales orders. You may add the following field in the results tab if you prefer to see the name of the items:

        - Item Fields...: Name

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