Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Update Home Bread Crumb Link in Reference My Account

Applicable to the following versions:
Reference My Account 1.05 (Bundle 69018)
Reference My Account Premium 1.05 (Bundle 69017)

With an External Catalog Site (WSDK) making use of the Reference My Account implementation, one might need to update the links on the page especially the Home link to redirect to the site's custom URL.

To do this:
1. Copy breadcrumb_macro.txt from Reference My Account to the Custom My Account folder in a similar path: Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - My Account Premium 1.05 > Custom My Account Premium > templates > globals > macros
2. Edit breadcrumb_macro.txt.
3. Remove the line:

and replace it with:

4. Save the file

Note: http://yourdomain.com is your external site's domain name.

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