Sunday, July 14, 2019

Verify Installed Version of NetSuite for Outlook

To verify what version of NetSuite for Outlook was installed. 

Using Windows PC.

1.    On your Windows computer, select the Windows Start Menu.

2.    Locate "Control Panel"

3.    Navigate to Programs > Programs and Features.

4.    See the List of Installed Programs

*NetSuite for Outlook 2.0 means version 2.0 is installed.

*NetSuite for Outlook means version 3.0 is installed.

Using NetSuite.

1.    Navigate to the Home Tab.

2.    Locate the Settings Portlet.

3.    Find NetSuite for Outlook link > select this.

4.    The next page will be the Set Up NetSuite for Outlook page.

*if the page says NetSuite for Outlook 2.0 – then the account still has the 2.0 version.

*if this just shows Setup NetSuite for Outlook and the bottom text has a link for the 2.0 installer – then the account has the 3.0 version.

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