Sunday, February 2, 2020

Reference My Account: Add space between State and Zip code in Order Details page

Reference My Account's Order Details page displays a Ship To section. Currently, the address is displayed where State and Zip Code are not separated. 

To resolve this, users will need to modify the Address.Model.js file.

1. Custom My Account folder is already populated with files copied from the Reference My Account folder.
2. Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > Touch Points tab:
Name: View Customer Center
SSP Application: Custom My Account

1. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Web Site Hosting Files.
2. Navigate to SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - My Account > Custom My Account > js > src > app > modules > Address folder.
3. Edit Address.Model.js.
4. On Line 29, add "+ ' ' +" between this.get('state')) and this.get('zip') to add a space like below:

 this.get('city') + ' ' + (this.get('state') === null ? '' :  this.get('state')) +' '+ this.get('zip') + ' ' + this.get('country');

5. Save.

After making the changes above, state and zip codes will now be separated by a space.

Note:  State and Zip Code in Order Details is already separated by a space in Reference My Account 1.06.0

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