Sunday, September 9, 2018

Increase Current Quantity Provisioning for Online Bill Payment

If users navigate to Setup > Company > View Billing Information > Billable Components > Bill Payment, it shows the following:

  • Current Provisioned Quantity = 50 for Regular NetSuite Account
  • Current Provisioned Quantity = 25 for Small Business Account

Each user receives 25/50 transactions per month with NetSuite and then can pay $12.50 per month for an additional 20 transactions per month. These additional item is added just like a user/module/support and are sold/set to be co-terminus with the customer's license end date.

According to Metavante, the only limit they impose is on the amount of transactions which is $100,000 per check and not on the number of transactions. To increase the current provisioned quantity for online bill pay users must contact their sales representative.



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