Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Transactions > Financial > Approve Journal Entries Link is Not Available Even When the Role has Journal Approval Permission


Custom accountant role with Full access level to Journal Approval and Make Journal Entry permissions do not have access to Approve Journal Entries link under Transactions > Financial.

Steps to reproduce:

Customize the standard Accountant role:
1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
2. Click the Customize link next to the Accountant role.
3. Click the Permissions tab > Transactions subtab.
4. Assign the Journal Approval and the Make Journal Entry permissions and set the access level to Full.
5. Click Save

Assign the Customized Accountant Role to Employee.
1. Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees.
2. Click the Edit link next to an employee record to whom the role will be assigned.
3. Click the Access tab.
4. Check Give Access box.
5. Select the custom Accountant role under Roles subtab.
6. Click Save.

Login to NetSuite using the custom Accountant role and set the preference to Classic Interface
1. Navigate to Home Set Preferences Appearance tab
2. Check the Use Classic Interface box
3. Click Save
4. Navigate to Transactions > Financial

Actual Result:
The Approve Journal Entries link is not available.

Alternative solution:
1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Set Up Accounting > General tab
2. Check the Require Approvals on Journal Entries box
3. Click Save

Check this box to require approval of journal entries entered by employees before they post to your general ledger. Employees with approval permission can approve their journal entries.

To approve journal entries:
1. Navigate to Transactions > Approve Journal Entries.
2. Login to NetSuite using the custom Accountant role.
3. Navigate to Transactions > Financial.

The Approve Journal Entries tab under Transactions > Financial is now available to the custom accountant role.

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