Friday, November 16, 2018

Define Minimum Order Amount per Customer

Currently, we cannot set Minimum Order Amount on the customer record and prevent users from entering orders below this amount.  The alternate solution presented below will help users monitor orders entered below the minimum order amount and cancel the order or charge additional fees if needed.

1. Create a custom Entity Field:
  a. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Entity Fields > New.
  b. Label = Minimum Order Amount.
  c. Type = Decimal Number.
  d. Under Applies To tab, tick Customer.
  e. Under Display tab > Subtab dropdown, select Financial tab or to which tab you would like this custom field to be displayed.
  f. Click Save
2. Create a custom Transaction Body Field:
  a. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records & FieldsTransaction Body Fields > New.
  b. Label = Minimum Order Amount.
  c. Type = Decimal Number.
  d. Under Applies To tab, tick Sale.
  e. Under Display tab > Subtab dropdown, select Main so that it will be displayed in the Main Body field.
  f. Under Sourcing & Filtering tab.
   --Set Source List to Customer.
   --In the Source From, select Minimum Order Amount (the custom field created in step#1).
  g. Click Save.
  h. Open the newly created Transaction Body Field (Minimum Order Amount).
  g. Click Apply to Forms.  Select the transaction form where this custom field should show up.  Make sure to select the form that you use when entering Sales Orders.
3. Edit one customer record and assign a Minimum Order Amount.  The field should be shown on the tab selected in step 1-e.
4. Create a sales order for this customer. Notice that the Minimum Order Amount is pulled up on the sales order form.  The total amount of order should be lesser than the Minimum Order Amount.

5. Optionally, create a transaction saved search to monitor orders that are entered below the Minimum Order Amount.
  a. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
  b. Select Transaction.
  c. On the Criteria tab, set the following filters:
   --Type = Sales Order
   --Formula (Numeric)
     ---Formula = {internalID of custom field} - {netamountnotax}
     ---Formula (Numeric) = greater than
     ---Value = 0
     ---Click Set
   --Main Line = Yes
  d. On the Emails tab, tick Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated.  On the Specific Recipients tab, select the employees who should be receiving alert and monitoring Sales Orders that are below the Minimum Order Amount.
  e. On the Main field change the Search Title as appropriate.
  f. Click Save.

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