Sunday, December 9, 2018

Calculate Effect of Exchange Rate on Cash in OneWorld

The effect of Exchange Rate on Cash is the accumulated effect for all subsidiaries.  For purposes of illustration, one Subsidiary
has been selected (Subsidiary A) on how the system arrive with the computation.

1.  Navigate to Reports>Financial>Cash Flow Statement
2.  Click on Customize button
3.  Click on Edit Columns

- From Financial folder>Add Amount (Current Rate)
- From Financial folder>Add Translation Adjustment

4.  Click on Preview 
5.  Set the Period from (e.g. Jan 2012 to Jun 2012); Subsidiary Context to Parent Company (Consolidated); Columns = Subsidiary

6.  Click on Refresh button
7.  Look for Subsidiary A

- Notice that the Translation Adjustment column shows the details of where the amount came from the difference between Amount and Amount (Current) = Total Effect of Exchange Rate on Cash

To compute for Amount

8.  Set the Subsidiary Context to Subsidiary A
9.  Set the Column to Accounting Period>Click Refresh then Export to Excel
10. Get the appropriate consolidated exchange rate for Amount column (this will be per period)

- In order to get the rate that will be used - Go to Lists>Accounting>Consolidated Exchange Rates
- Set the Subsidiary From Subsidiary Subsidiary A To Subsidiary Parent Company
- Set the appropriate period

* To know what is the appropriate consolidated exchange rate, Go to Lists>Accounting>Accounts>click Edit on the particular account and check Cash Flow Rate Type

11. On the Excel Sheet>Add Two Columns for Every Period
- Column 1 will be for Rate for the Period - paste the consolidated exchange rate on this column
- Column 2 will be for Amount for the Period - create a formula to multiply the local amount by column 1 which is the consolidated exchange rate

12. Follow the above steps until all accounts have been calculated
13. Do this for all the periods
14. On the very last column - add all Column 2 which is the Amount for the Period

To compute for Amount (Current Rate)

- Create another excel sheet and copy the Account and Amount of Local Currency
- Add two more columns
--- Column 1 - Current Rate of last period (e.g. June 2012)
--- Column 2 - Product of Amount Local Currency and Column 2 (this will be the Amount Current Rate)

15. Compare Amount for the Period and Amount Current Rate - the difference will be the Translation Adjustment which matched the Effect of Exchange Rate on Cash

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