Sunday, December 9, 2018

How to apply total item discount to Alt. Sales

How to apply total item discount to Alt. Sales.


1. Enter discount 10% in item main header

2. Enter the item as:

---Unit price = 1000

---Alt Sales = 500



Total discount = 1000*.10 = 100

Discount on Alt Sales = 500*.10 = 50


Be able to apply 100 to Alt sales


To apply the total discount to Alt sales enter the discount as line item but you have to consider the positioning of the discount.


To apply the entire discount to ASA enters the items as:


1. Enter the item 1 on the first line as: Amount = 500, ASA = 500

2. On the second line enter Discount -10%

---On both Amount and ASA discount will appear as -50

3. Enter again the item 1 on the 3rd line as: Amount = 500, ASA = 0

4. On the 4th line enter Discount -10%


The discount will only appear Amount column as -50. The trick here is to enter manually -50 on the ASA column



Subtotal = 900

Total ASA = 400


If there are multiple items:

1. Enter first the item with ASA,

---then subtotal item

---then discount item

2. Enter the item without ASA

---Enter discount and manually enter discount on ASA column.

This is an alternate solution for enhancement 222544

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