Monday, December 10, 2018

Case Severity For Online Cases

The new Case Severity dropdown field has been added to the online case form in SuiteAnswers.

When submitting online cases, customers can now set the appropriate severity levels that represent the impact of the incident to their production environment. NetSuite will work with Customer and will assign the appropriate severity level to all Incidents according to the following Case Severity Level definitions. These case severity levels are not applicable to Enhancement Requests.

 Case Severity Level 1 (Critical) or C1 means an Incident where Customer's production use of the Service is stopped or so severely impacted that the Customer cannot reasonably continue business operations. It may result in a material and immediate interruption of Customer's business operation that will cause a loss of Customer data and/or restrict availability to such data and/or cause significant financial impact.


Case Severity Level 2 (Significant) or C2 means an Incident where one or more important functions of the Service are unavailable with no acceptable Alternative Solution. Customer's implementation or production use of the Service is continuing but not stopped; however, there is a serious impact on the Customer's business operations.


Case Severity Level 3 (Less Significant) or C3 means an Incident where: (a) important Service features are unavailable but an Alternative Solution is available, or (b) less significant Service features are unavailable with no reasonable Alternative Solution. Customers experience a minor loss of business operation functionality and/or an impact on implementation resources.


Case Severity Level 4 (Minimal) or C4 means an Incident that has a minimal impact on business operations or basic functionality of the Service.


Severity Levels are assigned to allow prioritization of incoming Incidents. NetSuite may reclassify Incidents based on the current impact on the Service and business operations as described in the abovementioned Severity Level definitions. In the event NetSuite determines that an Incident is in fact an Enhancement Request, the default case severity in the form will be assigned.

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