Monday, December 10, 2018

Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds > Ability to Control the Exchange Rate used

User will not be able to control the exchange rates in Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds. Rates used in this window are derived from Lists > Accounting > Currency Exchange Rates.

To override the exchange rate, user will need to manually enter the Foreign Currency amount on the second Amount box. This is the alternate solution to Enhancement #148171 Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds > customer would like to have the ability to input a value in the exchange rate field.

To illustrate:

1. Navigate to Transactions > Bank > Transfer Funds.
2. Choose the From Account.
3. Choose the To Account.
*Notice that the Exchange Rates are automatically calculated
4. Enter the Amount for the From Account bank
5. Manually enter the Amount for the To Account bank
*Notice that the exchange rate will automatically be updated
6. Save the transaction.  

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