Saturday, December 22, 2018

Come up with a report showing the running balance of a bank account per day for a given period.

To pull up the running balance of bank accounts, users can customize the General Ledger Report by following the steps below:

1.    Navigate to Reports > Financial > General Ledger > Customize.

2.    Page will be redirected to the Financial Report Builder.

3.    On the Edit Columns link, unmark the Group box for the Account column.

4.    Move the date field right after the Account Column.

5.    Mark the Group With Previous Column box for the Date column.

6.    On the Filters link, add the Account Type field located under the Account (Line) subfolder which is found under the Transactions main folder.

7. On the pop-up, set the Filter drop-down to equal to and select Bank on the multi-select box

8. Set the Expand Level to 1 under the More Options link.

9. Assign a descriptive name for the report.

10. Click Save.

11. You may need to adjust the report date footer depending on the needed data.

12. To access the report, navigate to Reports > Saved Reports

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