Sunday, December 9, 2018

Contact List View > Results tab > Unsubscribe field

The Unsubscribe field means Global Subscription status - Soft Opt-out or Confirmed opt out.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Reports > Saved searches > All Saved searches > New > Contact > Results tab > Unsubscribe is not available in the list of fields.

2. To show what is the meaning of Unsubscribe field add a formula field {unsubscribe}.

3. Navigate to Results tab of the Contact Saved Search and add the following fields:

- ID/ Name
- Global subscription status
- Formula (text)....Formula = {unsubscribe} | Label = Unsubscribe

4. Click Preview or Save & Run

Actual Result: 
Soft Opt-out and Confirmed Opt-out has Unsubscribe value equal to T (true).

Global Subscription Status
Soft Opt-in - F (false)
Confirmed Opt-in - F (false)
Soft Opt-out - T (true)
Confirmed Opt-out - T (true)

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