Monday, December 24, 2018

Create a Transaction Saved Search for Sales Orders That Will Send an Email Alert for the Discrepancy on Item Rate x Quantity Not Equal to Amount

Below are the steps to create the transaction savedsearch so that the sales order with a wrong amount can be correctedimmediately:

1. Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New

2. Choose Transaction as the Search Type

3. Enter the SearchTitle (ex. Sales Order Amount vs. (Rate x Qty) Discrepancy)

4. Under Criteriatab > Standard subtab > add the following:

 a. Type =Sales Order

 b. Main Line= No/False

 c. ItemFields... > choose Type = any of Assembly/Bill of Materials, Inventory Item,Item Group, Kit/Package

 d. Formula(Numeric) =


    Formula(Numeric) = Not equal to

    Value = 0

5. Under Resultstab > Columns subtab > Remove all the fields on the list and add thefollowing:

 a. Date

 b. Type

 c. Number

 d. Item

 e. Item Rate

 f. Quantity

 g. Amount

 h. Formula(Currency) > Formula = ({quantity}*{rate}) and enter Custom Label = CorrectAmount

6. Under Emailtab > Check box for Send EmailAlerts When Records are Created/Updated

7. Under Emailtab > Recipients from Results subtab > add Sales Rep Fields… >choose Email

8. Save and run the search and try to create adummy sales order with a wrong amount and check with the sales rep if an emailwas received

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