Sunday, December 30, 2018

CSV Required/Basic fields for an Invoice Import

When importing Invoices in NetSuite, the fields on your CSV file depend on the fields that you have on your Invoice form.

For a Standard Product Invoice form, the required fields are the following:

Posting Period

These fields come with the asterisk symbol on your Invoice form that denotes that they are required.

You can add/remove required fields on your Invoice form by customizing it.

There are two ways to customize your Transaction forms:

1. Navigate to Customization>Forms> Transaction Forms>Select the form and then click on Customize
2. Open the transaction itself and then click on the Customize link on top.

Once inside the Edit Custom Transaction Form page, navigate to the Screen Fields tab. Under each subtabs, you will see a Mandatory column that contain check boxes for each field. Select which field you want to set as mandatory. Save the changes once done.

The fields selected should now show up as mandatory on your Custom Transaction form.

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