Monday, December 24, 2018

Display in a Saved Transaction Search the Applying Transaction Number fields in Hyperlink

1. Navigate to Reports> New Search> Transactions

2. On the Criteria> Standard subtab:

- Type is Sales Order
- Applying Transaction: Type is Purchase Order
- Applying Transaction: Status is none of Purchase Order: Closed; Purchase Order: Fully Billed
3. On the Results tab> Columns subtab> add the following fields:
Fields   |  Formula  | Custom Label
Number|                 | Sales Order Number

Formula (Text) |
'<a href='||{applyingtransaction.internalid}||'>'||{applyingtransaction.number}||'</a>'

Note: Set this solution in edit mode before copying the entire formula. Also, ensure that the URL correctly reflects the URL where you are logged in (i.e. if you are using

Applying Transaction Fields: Date
Applying Transaction Fields: Amount

 4. Enter Search Title and Click on Save & Run button

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