Thursday, December 6, 2018

Duplicate transactions created when "Duplicate Warnings" are received.

-- Settings and Preferences:
a. Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers > Transactions tab: Allow Override = T
b. Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Items/Transactions Tab > Other Transaction Preferences > Duplicate Number Warnings = T
c. Setup > Company > General Preferences > Overriding Preferences tab >  Duplicate Number Warnings > Allow Override = F
d. Home > Set Preferences > Transactions tab > Duplicate Warning = T
-- Steps to Reproduce:
a. Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders.
b. On a different tab, same browser > Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders.

Notice how both sales orders have the same sales order number. This increases the risk of users using the same sales order.
c. If users save both sales orders at the same time, one of the sales order shows Duplicate Number page.
d. Click the Leave button.

Actual Result:
Duplicate sales orders are created.

Expected Result:
Users expect to leave the page and go back to the sales order.
-- The Duplicate Number page provides users the following buttons.

a. Save - If the user changes the duplicate SO# and click Save button, a new SO# is saved.
b. Leave - Click this button to leave the duplicate SO# as it is.
c. Cancel - Click this button to bring users back to SO entry form.

Note:  Selecting Leave button creates the duplicate transaction.

-- To avoid this, users have to change a specific setting. Navigate to Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers > Transactions tab: Allow Override = F".



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