Saturday, December 1, 2018

Effects of installing Transaction Locking SuiteApp (Bundle 8791) on Update Delay Rev. Rec. function

Installing Bundle 8791 will remove all roles' access to the Edit and Delete buttons on transaction records. For more information regarding this Bundle, go to the NetSuite Help Center under topic Locking Transactions by Subsidiary.


If an Invoice under, let us say an Austrian Subsidiary, that needs to have the Revenue Recognition delayed, the Delay Rev. box could still be checked. After saving the Invoice, the Edit button would not be available but the Update Delay Rev. Rec. button would still be present. Updating the Delay Rev. Rec. by unchecking it on the Delay Rev. Rec. page, it would still work. The amount on the Deferred Revenue would still be transferred to the Revenue account.


This is technically an "Edit" on the Invoice but it is allowed since it is one of NetSuite's functionality, the Revenue Recognition feature.

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