Saturday, December 1, 2018

Reports> Sales Order> Sales Order by Customers Report> Project Name column is not populating


·        Advanced Project Feature enabled:

·        Navigate to Reports> Sales Order > Sales Orderby Customers > Customize Summary

·        Add Project Name from the EditColumns tab > Customer/Projectfolder

·        Hit Preview

Project Name column isnot populating



·        Navigate to Reports>Sales Order> Sales Order by Customers Detail Report> Customize

·        ClickName under the Edit Columns tab > Bookings folder> Entity (Line) subfolder

·        Rename the column label to Project

·        Hit Preview

Note:It will show Customer : Project

·        Export report to Excel

·        Highlight the values in theProject column of the cells with customername : Project

·        Go to Data>Text to Column

·        ChooseDelimited

·        HitNext

·        SetDelimiters = Other = :

·        Hit Finish

Note: This will split the customers and your projects


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