Friday, December 21, 2018

Event Search to Show Total Logged Events per Sales Rep per Status

This will show how to create an Event Saved Search that will show the number of Events per Organizer/Sales Rep broken down into their Statuses.


Create an event saved search with the following Criteria & Results field:

Organizer - Summary: Group
Formula (Numeric) - Summary: Count - DECODE({Status},'Tentative',{internalid})
Formula (Numeric) - Summary: Count - DECODE({Status},'Confirmed',{internalid})
Formula (Numeric) - Summary: Count - DECODE({Status},'Completed',{internalid})
Internal ID - Summary Count

Change the Labels to the following:

Formula (Numeric) for "Tentative"
Formula (Numeric) for "Confirmed"
Formula (Numeric) for "Completed"
Internal ID for "TOTAL"

The event saved search should show the correct values. When drilled-down, the different values on the Formula (Numeric) will show. The numbers/values that appears are actually the Internal ID of the event returned from the saved search.

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