Monday, December 31, 2018

For Reconciliation > Apply Vendor Credit to Company Credit Card

Steps to close Vendor Credits:

1. The Accounts Payable on the vendor credit needs to be closed against credit card account since in reality refunds on credit card has been received. It can be recorded through Make Deposit page.

- Navigate to Transactions>Bank>Make Deposit

- On Deposits tab > Click on Other Deposits tab
- Select Accounts Payable (Accounts Payable that was used in the Vendor Credit)
- Enter the amount of the Vendor Credit
- Enter Vendor's name
- Click on Cash Back tab
- Select the Credit Card Account
- Enter the amount of Vendor Credit
This will close Accounts Payable and debit Credit Card balance due to refunds
2. To close the Vendor Credit, Edit it and on the Apply tab the Deposit will appear. Offset it from there by marking the Apply checkbox next to the Deposit and Click on Save button.
Note: User has an option to create a Journal (Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries) as the first step. Debit the Credit Card Account and Credit the Account Payable used in Vendor Credit. Make sure to select the Vendor's name in the Name field next to the Accounts Payable. Then, follow step #2.

If user don't have a Credit Card Account Type yet, user may create at Lists > Accounting > Accounts > New

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