Monday, December 31, 2018

Generate a report that will display all transactions of a specific account or multiple accounts for a specific period

Option 1: Create a Transaction Search

1. Navigate to Reports > New Search
2. Click on the Transaction link
3. Click on Create Saved Search button
4. In the Saved Transaction Search screen, Click on Criteria tab > Standard subtab
5. Add the following filter fields:
---Account = is (Choose desired account)
---Date = is (select desired period)
---Main Line = is true

6. Navigate to Results tab > Column subtab
7. Add the following column fields


8. Rename the Search Title
9. Click Save & Run

Option 2: Customize the Standard Transaction Detail Report filtered by account and transaction date range.

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Transaction Detail > Customize
2. In the Filters link, set Date Range
3. Expand the Transaction folder to select Account and set it equal to a specific account
4. Rename the Report
5. Click Save
6. Report will display at Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Report

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