Thursday, December 20, 2018

Information on the Transaction Type Column in an Item Fulfillment Import Template

The Transaction Type column will only display if you have the 'Multi Location Inventory' feature enabled.  The Transaction Type column allows you to identify whether you want to fulfill a Sales Order or a Transfer Order.


Below is a description of all the columns in the Item fulfillment template:
  1. Order Number - this pertains to the sales order or transfer order number you are going to fulfill.
  2. Transaction Type - this pertains to either Sales Order or Transfer Order. These are the transactions that you process item fulfillments on.
  3. Weight- the weight of the shipment
  4. Tracking Number - pertains to the tracking number of the shipment. If you are using integrated shipping label and will still generate this information then leave this column field blank.  If you already have a tracking number and will simply encode it in to NetSuite then you place that value in this column field.

  5. Label Integration - this is either T or F. If you left the Tracking Number column blank then the value here needs to be set to T as the label integration will automatically generate the tracking number. On the other hand, if the tracking number is already available and is simply going to be encoded in NetSuite then set the value here to F and place the said tracking number in the Tracking Number column field of this CSV template.

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