Monday, December 24, 2018

No Bin Number is listed for the Serial Numbers selected on the Inventory Detail of the Item Fulfillment Transaction


Verify that the serial number selected is distributed to Location's bin numbers
A. View the Inventory Detail tab of the Item Record for the location selected
Inventory Detail tab lists serial numbers on hand that are placed on a bin number
1. Navigate to Lists> Accounting> Items> View the Serialized Item> Inventory Detail tab> set the following;
                Location = Select the location selected on the Item Fulfillment
                View = Bin/Inventory Number On Hand
                Search Type = Bin/Inventory Number
2. Verify if the serial number is listed.
             Note:  If serial number is missing, serial number might not be on hand, contains negative on hand quantity or no bin number is associated.

B. Review the serial number's transactions
1. Navigate to Lists> Search> Saved Searches> New> Transactions
2. On the Criteria tab> Standard sub tab, set the following:
    -Inventory Detail fields: Number is xxx (select the specific serial number)
    -Location is xxx (select the location entered on the Item Fulfillment)
3. On the Results tab> Columns subtab> display the following fields:
- Date
- Type
- Number
- Location
- Inventory Detail fields> Number
- Bin Number fields> Bin Number
5. Enter Search Title and click Save & Run button

View the last purchase/inventory transaction such as Item Receipts, Inventory Adjustments and click on Inventory Detail to check if Bin Number is indicated.

C. Distribute the Serial Number by either Bin Putaway Worksheet
1. Navigate to Transactions> Inventory> Bin Putaway Worksheet
- Select Date, Location
- Select the Item, and click Inventory Detail, then select the serial number.
2. Click on Save button


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