Friday, December 28, 2018

Opportunity Search that gets all Associated Quotes then Use as a Custom Sublist on Opportunity Records

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches >  New.
2. Select Type = Transaction.
3. Create the Search > Set Available as Sublist = T.

  Label = Quote Sublist from Opportunity
  Available as Sublist View = T
  Criteria = Type = Quote
                  Main Line = T
  Add other criteria as desired
   Results = Add the following:
                   Document Number (This is the Quote Number)
                   Name (This is the Customer name)
   Available Filter = Opportunity: Internal ID (Number)

4. Click Save.
5. Create the Sublist under Customization > FormsSublists

  Search = Quote Sublist from Opp
  Label = Quote Sublist from Opp
  Opportunity = T

6. Click Save.
7. Pull up any Opportunity that has a linking Quote.

Note:  If Opportunity #123 has two associated Quotes, then the Sublist should display these two Quotes. The Use Case is for the Customer to be able to add other relevant columns in the Sublist View since the Standard Quote Sublist cannot be customized.

8. Navigate to the Sublist.

It only pulls all Quotes associated to the Opportunity.

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