Thursday, December 27, 2018

Reason why NetSuite Shows Different Amounts for the Same Transaction in Searches/List



1.      Subsidiary A is the parent of Subsidiary B.

2.      The Base Currency of Subsidiary A is different from the Base Currency of Subsidiary B

3.      Transaction posted in Subsidiary B is using the base currency of subsidiary A.

4.      Why is NetSuite returning different values for the GL Impact of the transaction, Search Results and Transaction record?






1.      The GL Impact of a foreign currency denominated transaction will be calculated based on the Foreign Currency Amount multiplied by the Exchange Rate.

2.      Default List Views will show the amount based on the Consolidated Exchange Rates between Subsidiary A and Subsidiary B

3.      Search Results/Custom List View will display the amount based on the "Consolidate Exchange Rate Type" selected on the search. This field is found on the Results tab.

4.      Example:


Base Currency of Subsidiary A is USD

Base Currency of Subsidiary B is CAD

Consolidated Exchange Rate of 1.3


Invoice from Subsidiary B:


Currency =USD

Amount = 100

Exchange Rate= 1.2


GL Impact will show an amount of 120 (100 x 1.2)

The invoice will show as 130 if viewed via Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices.

If viewing the results from a search, this will be shown as 130 by default. If you want to display it in the base currency of the subsidiary it was posted to, set the "Consolidate Exchange Rate" type to "None"

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