Monday, December 31, 2018

Weekly Time Tracking > Error: There were some time entries that were not saved and must be re-entered. The failed time entries with their respective reason for failure are: xx - Invalid class reference key xx.

Scenario: Employee tries to enter time through the WeeklyTime Sheet using the Employee Center Role yet encounters above error messagedue to the inactive class assigned to the employee.



1. Navigate to Home > SetPreferences > General tab > Defaults section > Check the Show Internal IDs box > Click Save (Administrator).

2. Navigate to Setup > Company> Classes.

-Check the Show Inactives box found on the lower left partof the page.

-Under Internal ID column > Look for the InternalID being referenced on the error message.

-Verify if it was setto Inactive.

-If so, uncheck the Inactive box > Click Submit.

3. Re-enter time.

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