Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ability to customize the standard Sales by Sales Rep report to show consolidated total instead of total per month

Enhancement 142034 is logged to request the ability to make the Column field in the footer of most reports sticky so that it will remember the setting or allow user set it in the Report Builder page. We expect that when we generate the saved report or simply access the standard Sales by Sales Rep report, Column field is defaulted to Total instead of Month.

1.  Navigate to Reports > Sales > click Sales by Rep > Column = Month

2. Click the Column drop down > select Total > click Refresh > Report will show Sales by Sales Rep Totals within the selected date range.

3. Click Customize button > Rename Report Title > Hit Save > Report results Column= Month

4. Navigate to  Reports > Sales > click Sales by Rep > Column = Month

If I run this report, the Column footer filter is back to Month. As an alternate solution, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Report  > Select Sales

Metric = Transaction Total (Revenue)

Format= Summary

Component = Sales Rep & Field = Name

2. Rename Report Title 

3. Hit Save

The report results will show Total Sales for each Sales Rep. 







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