Thursday, January 17, 2019

Online Case Form > Remove the Title Field

Since the Title field is Mandatory in an Online Case Form, an alternate solution is to edit the Color Theme to make the Title Color the same as the Back Ground Color:

1. Setup > Site Builder > Color Themes

- If you are using a Standard Color Theme, click Customize.
- If you are using a Custom Color Theme, click Edit, Rename it, then click Save As.

2. The field Header Bar Text Color is the color used for the Title

Two options are available to hide the Title:

  • Option a) Make the Header Bar Text Color identical to Header Bar Color.
    Result: This will create a colored bar on top of the Online Case Form.

  • Option b) Make the Header Bar Text Color, Header Bar Color and Page Background Color the same color.
    Result: This will make the Header Bar Text Color and the Header Bar Color blend into the background, eliminating any headers.

Check your Online Case Form:

1. Setup > Support > Online Case Forms.
2. Click View next to your Online Case Form.
3. Click on External > Publishable Form URL.

Note: The removal of the Title field is filed as an Enhancement (Issue 133177 - Case Form >Title Field > Please provide the ability for user to decide to make default field mandatory or not.)

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