Thursday, January 17, 2019

Recurring Billing : Manual Entry of Usage Data

1. Navigate to Customization> Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types

2. Look for UsageData

3. Click on the NewRecord link

4. In the New UsageData page, enter a value for the following fields:

a. Service

-Click the dropdown link and select -New- 

-In the ServiceRecord page, enter a Service ID


-System will assign a Service Number

b. Service Date

-Make sure that the service date is within the period youwould like to bill

c. Customer ID

-Select the customer to whom the subscription is for

d. Subscription ID

-Select the subscription which the usage is for

e. SecondarySubscription Item ID

-Select the secondary subscription item which the usageis for

f. Usage Unit

g. Usage Quantity

5. Save  

6. Associate the servicenumber to the subscription

-Go to the subscription record

-Edit the subscription

-In the Service field, select the Service Number for thenewly created usage

7. Run the SWV_SB_SS_RESchedulerscript

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