Thursday, January 17, 2019

Re-arrange the Order of the Line Items of an Existing Invoice Associated to a Sales Order

 1. Edit the existing Invoice, for each line item on the Items tab> Quantity Column, change the quantity to zero and click on Save button.
 2. Edit the associated Sales Order, click on a line item that you will copy and use the Make Copy button, system will automatically place the copied line item on the end (after the last line item). Or click on each line item, use the Insert button and manually enter the items according to preferred order and click on Save button.
3. Click on the Next Bill button and on the invoice, remove the original line item that was been replaced. Or Edit the Sales Order and on the Items tab, click on the Close check box under the Closed column for each original line item that was copied and click on Save button, so upon hitting the Next Bill button, the invoice will now show the closed line items and is automatically arranged.

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