Sunday, January 27, 2019

Administrators Cannot See the Fields for Update on Private Mass Updates Owned by Other Users


  • An administrator navigates to Lists > Mass Update > Saved Mass Updates
  • He views a Mass Update saved by another user
  • When he clicks the Mass Update Fields tab, the Administrator cannot see which fields are intended for update

This is bydesign. The ability to allow administrators see the Mass Update Fieldsof Private Saved Mass Updates owned by other users is being tracked on Enhancement242969.

As an alternate solution, theowner of the Private Mass Update must define its audience.

It iscrucial that the owner of the Private Mass Update and not anyother user follows these steps. Otherwise, the Mass Update Fields willcompletely be gone from the Saved Mass Update.

1. Log in asthe owner.

2. Navigateto Lists > Mass Update > Saved Mass Updates.

3. Selectthe Private Mass Update in question.

4. Click theAudience tab. If this tab is not available, make sure the owner's rolehas the Publish Search permission (with Level set to at least Edit).See Defining Audiences for Saved Searches, Answer Id: 8473.

5. Selectspecific Roles, Groups, Employees, etc. that should be allowed to see the MassUpdate Fields. Click the Allow Audience to Edit checkbox if user wants the specified audience to be able to modify the Saved Mass Update.

6. Click Save.

Note: In the eventhe owner of the Saved Mass Updat is no longer with the Company, the Administrator can just change the Owner and assign it to himself.

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