Thursday, January 31, 2019

Asset Disposal with Sale as Disposal type > INVALID_NUMBER - You entered "ERROR: Field Not Found" into a field where a numeric value was expected. Please go back and change this value to a number.

This happens if there is a custom field on the Invoice form that has formula in it that says ERROR: Field Not Found.

To resolve:

1.    Do not show the custom field on the custom form.

a.     Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Body/Column Fields.

b.    Click on the Apply to Forms button.

c.     Look for your preferred custom form and uncheck the Show box.

d.    Save.

2.    If Standard Invoice form is marked as preferred, the Sale checkbox under the Applies To tab of the custom field needs to be unmarked.

3.    Correct the formula of the custom field.

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