Thursday, January 24, 2019

Clear Java Cache and Browser Cache when experiencing problems in Adaptive Insights

This article is intended for accounts integrated with Adaptive Insights, NetSuite's partner in delivering financial management solutions.

1. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java > General tab >

2. Find the Temporary Internet Files section > click on Settings...' > select 'Delete Files...' > Check Trace and Log Files, Caches Applications and Applets and Installed Applications and Applets

3. Click OK.

Steps to Clear Java Cache on a Mac:

1.Click on Apple icon at the top of your screen.
2.Click the System Preferences icon to open.
3.Click on Java icon located under the Other section to open Java Control Panel.
4.Click on the Delete Files button on Temporary Internet Files window.
5.This will open the Delete Files and Applications window, click OK to confirm delete.

***Steps to clear the browser cache:


1. Navigate to Options > Advanced panel > Network tab > Cached Web Content section,

2. Click Clear Now > click OK

Internet Explorer:

1. Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Browsing History section

2. Click "Delete..." > deselect Preserve Favorites website data and select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History

3. Click Delete.

Note: Deleting cookies will reset the prompt for setting up Security Questions (See SuiteAnswers for the browser/computer

After clearing the caches, exit out of the browser completely before trying to access Adaptive Planning again.

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