Friday, January 18, 2019

CSV Import to Add Entity Bank Details for Vendors using NetSuite Electronic Payments


Before users can import Entity Bank Details, Vendor records whichwill be updated need to have EFT Bill Payment checkbox enabled under Bank PaymentDetails subtab. This can be done via CSV Import or Mass Update.

After updating this field, users can now do a CSV Import for theCustom Record called Entity Bank Details.

The association happens by selecting the Vendor ID ofthe Vendor on the Parent Vendor field duringthe mapping stage.

Create the CSV template to be used for CSV Import. This should containthe Vendor ID of the Vendors to be updated and all the Entity Bank Details forthe specific Payment File Format to be imported.

Limit each import file to 1 type of Payment File Format as it isnot possible to import Entity Bank Details with different Payment File Formatat the same time.

Before starting the import,  make sure that Run Server SuiteScript andTrigger Workflows checkbox is enabled in CSV Import Preferences.

Here are the steps for the import process:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export ImportCSV Records

    2. Import Type = Custom Records

    3. Record Type = Entity Bank Details

    4. Select your CSV template >click Next

    5. Data Handling = Add (NOTE:Click on Advanced Options then under the Custom Form,select Standard Entity Bank Details Form)

    6. By this point, you will see a lot offields for Entity bank Details. This is because Payment File Formats havedifferent fields and they are all listed here.

     7. Field Mapping:

           Primary = Type (Req)

            <Select thePayment File Format you want to Import. Please take note that some PaymentFile Templates have duplicates in the list as the list in the dropdowndoes not filter by type so choose carefully [EFT vs DD]> = PaymentFile Format (Req)

            Vendor ID = Parent Vendor 

             Then map all thefields for your specific Payment File Format you will upload. For thissample, let's use ABA:

    Bank = Bank Number

    Branch = BranchNumber

    Bank Account Number = BankAccount Number

    Bank Account Name = BankAccount Name

    Bank Account PaymentDescription = Bank Account Payment Description

8. Click Next

   9. Put a name on the import

    10. Click Save and Run

Once import is done, Entity Bank Details for Vendors become available.

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