Friday, January 18, 2019

Display Default Dropship Expense Account on Saved Search List

There are instances when users would like to know the value of the Dropship Expense Account on the Item Record

User can specify the default value by navigating to Setup>Accounting>Accounting Preferences>Items/Transactions>Accounts>Default Dropship Expense Account. However, this can be manually overridden and the Internal ID is currently not available for this field which makes this unavailable on Saved Searches / List.

As an alternate solution, user can use the System Notes. A sample Saved Search is as follows:

1. Navigate to Transactions>Management>Saved Searches>New>Item

2. On the Criteria tab, add System Notes Fields...>Field is Dropship Expense Account

3. On the Results tab, add Name and System Notes Fields...>New Value

The Saved Search will display the Item Name and the corresponding Dropship Expense Account. In case, there are multiple changes related to this field user can further customize the Saved Search through this:

On the Results tab, select Summary Type = Group for Name then on the System Notes Fields...>New Value line select Summary Type = Maximum and When Ordered By Field = System Notes Fields...>Date

The Saved Search will then display the Item Name and the last value selected for the Dropship Expense Account

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