Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Custom Field That Lists All Sales Reps

User needs to create another custom entity field for customer records that will show the names of all Sales Reps in the company.

1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Entity Fields > New.
2. Provide a Label.
3. Set the Type to List/Record.
4. Set the List/Record to Employee.
5. Mark the Store Value box.
6. Under Applies To tab, mark the Customer checkbox. If the field has to also appear on other entity records, mark additional checkboxes as needed.
7. Under Display tab, choose the Subtab where the field can be found.
8. Under Sourcing & Filtering, set:
    - Filter Using = Is Sales Rep
    - Is Checked = T
9. Click Save.

The steps above also apply in creating the same custom field for transactions and other record types in NetSuite (change the navigational path for Step 1 accordingly).

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