Thursday, January 17, 2019

Display/Hide the Tax field from the Subtotal box of Transaction form


Setup > Company > Enable Features > Accounting > Advanced Taxes = F

Under Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes:

Enable Tax Lookup On Sales Transactions = T

Items Default to Taxable  = T

Per-Line Taxes on Transactions = F



1. Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter Cash Sales.

2. Create a Cash Sale using Standard Case Sale Form.

3. Enter Item.

4. Save.


Actual Results: 

Notice that the Tax field shows in the Subtotal box.  This is regardless if you set the Item or Transaction taxable or not.



User can control the Tax field to show or not to show in the Subtotal box.


Tax field shows if the following standard fields were set to Show in the Transaction form.

1. Taxable check box  under Accounting tab.

2. Tax column field under Items tab.


If user customizes the Transaction form and hides one of these fields, the Tax field does not show in the Subtotal box.

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