Saturday, January 5, 2019

Drop Ship: Create PO Column Field is set as an Inline Text for Items and cannot be Edited which Resulted to a Drop Ship Purchase Order not being Created

The Preferred Vendor assigned in the item records are not within the same subsidiary as the value assigned in the Subsidiary field


1. Option 1: Change the assigned Preferred Vendor in the item record(s) so that it will the same as the Customer subsidiary assigned in the sales order

2. Option 2: Add Preferred Vendors that have a similar subsidiary as the customer assigned so that when a customer is selected regardless of subsidiary there will be a preferred vendor

3. Option 3: Edit the sales order custom form to show the PO Vendor column field

o Navigate to Customization > Forms > Click on the Customize/Edit button of the sales order form to be edited

o Go to the Screen fields> Columns subtab.

o Put a checkmark on the PO Vendor column checkbox

o Click Save

o When creating a sales order change the assigned vendor in the PO Vendor column field that will have the same subsidiary as the customer


Note: Only those vendor added in the Vendors subtab within the item record shows in the PO Vendor column field in the sales order



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