Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Duplicate Job IDs Display in the Web Services Usage Log

NetSuite Administrators can use the Web Services Usage Log to monitor synchronous web services requests. They can navigate to Setup > Integration > Web Services Usage Log to get the list of Job Ids, operations they performed and the record type involved.
There are scenarios when it shows entries with duplicate Job Ids where everything (like Duration, Action, User, all the times) else is the same except for Record Type. This happens when the action/operation is a search and that search returns the results with different record types.
For instance, in the image below, Job ID: 603 have duplicate entries in Web Services Usage Log with "search" action/operation, the result set pulled out by the search have records with different record type. For each record type there is a separate entry in the Usage Log table though it was a single operation. All the Request and Response associated with these entries are exactly the same.
It is the way NetSuite has designed and represented Web Services Usage Log table.

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