Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Menu, Record or Page Is Still Unavailable For a Custom Role After Having The Required Permission


  • Administrator provides a custom role with permission to a specific record/transaction
  • However, the link to access the record/transaction is still not showing on the user's menu (e.g. Accept Customer Payments is not showing under Transactions > Customers)

The following steps must be done to resolve the problem:

1. Advise the user to sign out, then sign back in to NetSuite.
2. Clear the browser's cache or try another browser.
3. Under Home > Set Preferences Appearance tab, unmark/mark the Use Classic Interface checkbox then click Save. Afterwards, navigate back to the same page and set the checkbox's original state.
4. Search the record or page through Global Search (e.g. search for Accept Customer Payments).

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