Monday, January 14, 2019

Mass Update (Transactions) > Remove Sales Team Member: Only Removes the Primary Sales Rep

The customer wanted to remove all assigned team members from a Quote and wants it set as Unassigned.

To illustrate -

Quote 123
Sales Team
Sales Rep A - Contribution 70% (Set as Primary)
Sales Rep B - Contribution 30%

The customer performed the following steps:

1. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update
2. Under Transactions > Select Reassign Transactions
3. Under Criteria -
Set Type = Estimate (Quote)
Sales Rep = None of- Unassigned-
4. Under Results, add the following -
Sales Rep
5. At the top of the page, set the 'Change Sales Rep To' = [Unassigned]
6. Click Save
7. Navigate back to Lists > Mass Update > Saved Mass Update
8. Locate the newly saved Mass Update and click the Preview link
9. Click Perform Update

This updated the records, however, only the Primary Sales Rep was removed and left the rest of the other Sales Team Member. On the sample noted above, Sales Rep A was removed, but Sales Rep B remained.

There is a related issue -

Defect 230316: Mass Update > Sales Force Automation > Replace Sales Team Member > Preview > Perform Update - records are not changed giving message Your mass update is complete, and has been successfully performed on 0 records.

With this, the customer is unable to disassociate the remaining Sales Team Member from the Transaction.

The workaround is to perform a CSV Import.

1. Create the CSV File with the following columns:

Internal ID -- This is the Internal ID of the Quote
Sales Team Member -- [leave the field as blank]

2. Navigate to Set Up > Import/Export > Import CSV Record

Import Type = Transactions
Record Type = Quote
Data Handling = Update
Advanced Options > Overwrite Sublist = T
Mapping -

Internal ID <---> Internal ID
Sales Team Member <---> Sales Team Member

3. Proceed with the Import.

This will remove the remaining Sales Team Member.

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