Monday, January 14, 2019

Non-US Nexuses (i.e. Australia, UK) : Tax Rate in Purchase/Sales transaction is Undefined


        Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Tax Codes

        Tax Code is Activeand

        Tax Code is shared among subsidiaries

        Vendortagged of Tax Code has the followingfield values in the Vendor Record:

        Category = Tax Agency

        Inactive = False

        Purchase and Sales Tax accounts tagged to Tax Code are active under Setup >Accounting > Tax Control Accounts

        UseTax Code in a transaction like Purchase Order (Transactions > Purchases > Enter Purchase Orders)

        Actualresults in the transaction:

        Tax Rate column value is UNDEFINED

        Unableto compute Tax Amount


        View tax code record in Setup > Accounting > TaxCodes

        Available On is:

        Set to Sales Transactions if Tax Rate is Undefined in Purchase Order,Vendor Bills, Vendor Bill Credit (purchase transactions)

        Set to Purchase Transactions if Tax Rate is Undefined in Sales Order,Invoices, Cash Sales, Credit Memo (salestransactions)


        Available On should be set to BOTH for user wishes to use it in both Sales Transactions and Purchase Transactions

        Toggle the value of the Tax Type field so that AvailableOn will show all options if:

        Available On is set to Sales Transactions(Purchase Transactions) and

        Dropdown is only showing one option

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