Monday, January 14, 2019

Missing Withholding Tax tab and fields in transactions (i.e. Vendor Bills, Invoices) or Unexpected Error (Please enter value for: account) when saving transaction


  1. Navigate to Setup > Withholding Tax > Set Up Withholding Tax
  2. Setup the Withholding Tax for the nexus (example: Philippines)


  1.  Available On Purchases = True
  2. Available on Sales  = True
  1. Create a Vendor (Customer) with Default Billing (Shipping) address tagged to that nexus.
  2. Customize the transaction form (example: Vendor Bill (Invoice)) via Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms
    1. Mark Show for Withholding Tax fields (i.e. Apply Withholding Tax?Withholding Tax Code) under the Screenfields tab > Expenses and/or Items subtab
    2. Save the form
  3. Create the transaction (Vendor Bill (Invoice))
    1. Choose the custom form
    2. Enter the Vendor (Customer) name


Actual Result:

  1. Missing Withholding Tax tab and fields or
  2. Even if the Withholding Tax tab and fields are exposed > getting unexpected error upon saving the transaction (error: Please enter value(s) for Account)



Theseissues are normally caused by missing values in the Liability/Purchase Tax Account and Asset/Sales Tax Account fields forthe Withholding Tax Types. Toresolve:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Withholding Tax > Tax Type
  2. Locate Withholding Tax Types without any values for their Liability/Purchase Tax Account and Asset/Sales Tax Account
  3. Edit the Withholding Tax Type
  4. Enter value for:
    1.  Liability/Purchase Tax Account
    2. Asset/Sales Tax Account
  5. Hit Save.
  6. Re-enter the transaction.

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