Sunday, January 13, 2019

Script Not Running When Deployment is Changed from Testing to Released

It is a good practice that when deploying new script to set the status to Testing first aside from that it is the default status. This will make the script executable only by the script owner and do some testing without any risk that other users may trigger the script. After all the testings and the script is ready for release, the deployment status will now be set to Released.

Some users reported the script is not working after they set it to Released. One crucial setting that can be overlooked when setting the deployment to Released is the Audience. By default when deploying script, the Audience is not set. If the Audience is not set, the script will not be executable for any users.  

Check the Audience tab of the script deployment to see if there is an Audience set. If none, select the required Audience and saved the deployment.

Note: This is only applicable to User Event and Client(record level) script.