Sunday, January 20, 2019

Non US State(s) which Share Same Abbreviation as US State Appears Under US State Grouping in Revenue by State Report

User entered a customer from Brazil, city of Maceio which is from the state of Alagoas, Brazil. AL is an acceptable abbreviation of Alagoas. When running the Revenue by State Report, this customer appears along with those customers from Alabama, a US state.

AL is an acceptable abbreviation of Alagoas in Brazil which incidentally shares the same state abbreviation for Alabama. Since they both use AL, then they will show up in the same state grouping. The Help Guide did not say that they are grouping this report only by US state so we cannot assume that those transactions using AL for Alagoas are reflected under US state.

As an alternate solution, if user doesn't  wish to change the state to Alagoas given that AL is also an acceptable abbreviation for that state, we suggest that user add the Billing state, billing country fields in the report for user to identify which ones are for Brazil and for US. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to Reports> Revenue> Revenue by State.

2. Click Customize.

3. Open Transaction Dimension folder, scroll down to find the Address subfolder

4. Add the following fields:

* Billing Address Country

* Billing Address Country Name

*Shipping Address Country

*Shipping Address Country Name

5. Click Preview.

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